About Us

Hands On Orlando's goal is to solve community problems by inspiring, educating and empowering people to make a difference through volunteer action. 

We work hard to achieve our mission by identifying, planning, managing and leading hands-on, community-based projects.  Projects involve community and corporate volunteers and our work assists non-profit organizations, schools and parks.
  Our calendar projects are free to join and open to the general public.

For over 15 years we have assisted over 300 community organizations, supported more than 185,000 volunteers and coordinated over 4000 projects. 

Projects typically last for three hours and no long-term commitment is involves.  Projects do not involve fundraising or administrative tasks.

When you volunteer, Hands On Orlando is helping you at its expense. 

As a federally tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit charity, we are 100% supported by monetary donations from people like you, volunteers, groups and companies.


We have a positive impact upon people who need help, individuals, groups and companies that want to volunteer and our partner organizations.  We survey our volunteers.

  • Did you make a difference in our community by volunteering today?  Yes, 100%
  • Was your participation in this project a good use of your time?  Yes, 100%
  • Was today's project well managed?  Yes, 100%
  • Will you consider volunteering on another Hands On Orlando volunteer project?  Yes, 100%
  • Would you recommend Hands On Orlando to your family and friends?  Yes, 100%
Also, 74% of our volunteers are adults and 65% female.  In terms of volunteering frequency, 20% of our volunteers have participated in more than 10 projects and 55% are first-timers.

Important Forms

Volunteer Information Profile (waiver form)
Volunteer Hours Verification Form (volunteer's can note their completed projects)
Volunteer Impact Report (survey