Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Hands On Orlando’s mission?
Hands On Orlando works to solve community problems by inspiring, educating and empowering people to help others through volunteer action.

When was HOO founded?
June, 1999.

Is Hands On Orlando a non-profit organization?
HOO is a 501(c)3 non-profit, federally tax-exempt corporation.

How does Hands On Orlando stay in business?
All of our funding comes from donations from people like you, groups and companies.  None comes from government.

When I volunteer, am I helping Hands On Orlando?

No.  It costs us money and staff time to support volunteers and non-profit organizations.

How can I help Hands On Orlando?
Donations enable us to offer our services to volunteers and non-profit agencies at no cost.  Volunteers can also become Project Leaders.

Is Hands On Orlando a referral service?
We are the opposite of a volunteer referral service.  We identify, plan, manage and lead projects and we also recruit and serve volunteers.

What is Hands On Orlando's service area?
Our projects occur in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties.  Our volunteers have come from across Central Florida, all 50 states and over 60 countries.

How many volunteers and organizations have Hands On Orlando served?
We have served over 185,000 volunteers, assisted over 300 organizations and managed more than 4000 projects.

How many people have been helped by Hands On Orlando?
Hundreds of thousands of people.  Help comes in degrees of importance.  And our impact is as great upon volunteers and organizations as it is upon people who meed help.

Why does Hands On Orlando lead its volunteer projects?
Our leadership helps to ensure positive outcomes for volunteers and partner organizations.

I lead a group. Can we reserve volunteer spots?

The risk of no-shows is too great.  Group leaders should encourage their members to sign up directly.

Is it okay if I arrive late or leave a project early?
No.  All projects start on-time and include a formal welcome and wrap-Up.

How does HOO come up with project ideas?
We contact and visit non-profit organizations to see how we can help them.  Organizations also call us for assistance.

Does Hands On Orlando serve people who are court-ordered to perform “community service?”
No.  The court system has defined “community service” as a punishment.

Does HOO set the minimum age of participation for volunteers?

Minimum age is set by the agencies that benefit from our projects and vary by project.  Factors include liability, work quality and quantity.  All HOO projects welcome youth and adults.

Do volunteers need special skills to participate?
No.  We don’t want people to self-disqualify themselves from volunteering.

Can HOO write a letter to verify that I volunteered?
The charity you helped should acknowledge your volunteer time.  We will sign your attendance form that you bring to each project.  We also make a Volunteer Hours Verification Form available.

How does Hands On Orando help non-profit agencies?
We save agencies money by accomplishing important jobs.  We enable agencies to become better known by more caring people (volunteers).  Agencies also use Hands On Orlando to seek, retain or obtain grant money.

Is Hands On Orlando a faith-based organization?
People of all faiths and philosophies are welcome.

What are Hands On Orlando’s greatest challenges?
Few people, groups and companies understand that we help them volunteer at our expense.  The non-profit sector has an extremely high employee turn-over rate and generally does a poor job of retaining and passing along institutional knowledge.