Be A Leader

Project Leaders are Hands On Orlando volunteers who lead our community-based projects.  They also help volunteers learn about community issues and reflect on their positive impact.

Skills Development
Project Leaders
gain leadership and management experience as they help the community and make new friends.  They must be responsible, trustworthy, flexible, creative, caring and generally outgoing.

Leverage Your Power
Project Leaders leverage their time and talents to maximize their positive impact.

Here are two examples.  One volunteer can help a child learn to read.  One Project Leader who works with 20 volunteers can help 20 children learn to read, in the same amount of time.  One Project Leader who manages one food sorting project with 50 volunteers would need to volunteer every Saturday for almost one year to have the same impact.

Project & Volunteer Diversity
Our projects are as diverse as birthday parties for homeless children, cooking meals for adults with disabilities, to renovating playgrounds and parks.  All projects are meaningful and hands-on.  Our volunteers are as diverse as our projects.

Training and Support
Project Leader orientation takes one hour.  Then you will shadow one of our Project Leaders on an actual project.  If all goes well, and if you still have interest, we will train you to be an amazing Project Leader.  Volunteers who become Project Leaders (age 16+) also receive ongoing training and support.

Next Step
Call today to express your interest in becoming a Project Leader and to schedule your orientation: 407.740.8652.