Be A Leader

Project Leaders are Hands On Orlando volunteers who lead our community projects.


We enable Project Leaders to gain vital leadership, management, delegating and public speaking skills and experiences as they leverage their time and passion to help others.

About two-thirds of Hands On Orlando's volunteers are adults. Our projects, volunteers and Project Leaders are diverse. 

Our calendar-based projects generally serve between five and 55 volunteers. HOO has supporters nearly 200,000 volunteers during over 5,750 projects!

(Hands On Orlando corporate teambuilding project have involved as many as 6000 people in one day.) 

Project Leaders communicate with their volunteers before their projects takes place. They lead their projects from start to finish and report their results and observations. 

Our training program is comprehensive and includes shadowing a Project Leader.

Project Leaders

Our Project Leader share important traits. They must be responsible and reliable, trustworthy, flexible, creative and caring. Many are somewhat outgoing.

Most Project Leaders are adults. However, outstanding youth, age 16+ may be considered. 

Time Commitment

Generally, a Project Leader dedicates about 60 to 90 minutes more time than a typical volunteer would on a project.

Project Leaders must be active to remain a PL. 

Flex Your Power

Project Leaders leverage their time and talents to maximize their impact. Here are two examples:

  • One volunteer can help a child learn to read. One Project Leader working with 20 volunteers can help 20 children learn to read, in the same amount of time!

  • One Project Leader who manages one food sorting project with 50 volunteers would need to volunteer every Saturday for almost one year to have the same impact!

Training and Support

Our Project Leader orientation session takes one hour. After that, you'll have a good understanding if this opportunity is well-suited for you.

Part of our training program involves shadowing a Project Leader. Volunteers who become Project Leaders receive ongoing training and support.


Call today to express interest in becoming a Project Leader, 407.740.8652.


Call today to express your interest in becoming a Project Leader, 407.740.8652.