Non-Profit Partnerships

Hands On Orlando is Central Florida's largest planner and manager of volunteer projects.

We have helped over 300 non-profit organizations, schools, parks and recreation centers, and recruited and served more than 180,000 volunteers.  To date we've planned and led over 4000 projects.

If your organization needs volunteers, we may be able to help.  Call 407.740.8652 for more information.

We will:

  • Gather information about your organization's mission and challenges.
  • Discuss your needs.
  • Ask how you currently utilize volunteers.
If we believe we can help, we will schedule a site visit to meet you, your entire leadership team, and of course to see your facility.

Our work is all project based.

  • Our projects typically have a duration of about three hours.
  • Projects are determined 30-45 days in advance because our volunteers come from the general public.
  • Projects may not be cancelled and occur rain or shine.
  • Our volunteers actively seek to get involved, but most don't know each other.
  • Tasks within projects must be meaningful to your organization and to our volunteers.
  • Projects can occur on a one-and-done basis, weekly, monthly or seasonally.
There is no per-project or annual fee to become a Hands On Orlando partner organization.

Minimum age of volunteer participation:

Our partner organizations establish the minimum age of volunteer participation on a project-by-project basis.  But HOO must concur.  Projects may not exclude youth.

Project tools and supplies

Project are more likely to occur if no tools and supplies are needed or if partner organizations provide these resources.  After all, they benefit 100%.

Prohibited Activities

  • Fundraising
  • Fundraising events
  • Political activities
  • Administrative work
  • Faith-based with a religious purpose
Our community partners are the winners.

  • Important work gets done and partners save money.
  • Our partners become better known by more caring people, "friendraising."
  • Project work hours help partners attract and retain grant dollars.
  • Our volunteers may become your donors and long-term volunteers.