Become a Veteran Project Leader.

We know that your transition out of military service and settling back into your community can be difficult. You are a talented and experienced person with passion and purpose!

Volunteering will strengthen your relationships with your family, fellow service members and community.

Be A Leader - Make Your Community a Better Place for Everyone!

You've already proven that you love America! Use the skills you already have and become a Veteran Project Leader (VPL). Hands On Orlando will empower you to tackle the most pressing challenges in our Central Florida community.

Civic engagement and volunteerism will boost your well-being, help your family and ease your reintegration. (Meet a Veteran Project Leader.)

Enhance Your Skills...It's a WIN-WIN!

  • Leadership Development
  • Management Skills
  • Delegating Experience
  • Risk Management Awareness

As a Veteran Project Leader you will benefit for a lifetime!

This experience will enhance your skills and could help you get a job, boost your paycheck and make you a happier person.

And you will maximize your positive impact upon the community by managing important volunteer-based projects that assist people who really need you.

As a VPL, you will become a better partner, friend, employee, student, mentor, and leader to people in your life.

Basic Training

We'll have your back every step of the way!

Your initial training involves a one hour, meaningful and interactive orientation session. You'll see just how much this opportunity is ideally suited for you.

As a VPL you'll also have the opportunity to shadow other Project Leaders.

As a Veteran Project Leader, you'll receive our ongoing training and support.

What's Required of You?

A Veteran Project Leader must be a veteran or related to a USA service member. You must be responsible, reliable, trustworthy, flexible, creative and a caring person.

Based upon the opportunity, the time commitment is minimal!

Sign Up Today!

Contact Hands On Orlando at 407.740.8652 and ask for Brittany, a US Navy Veteran, or email Brittany at


Hands On Orlando's Veteran Project Leader program is made possible due to the extremely generous support of HandsOn Network, through its Frontline Families initiative, and AmeriCorps.