Want to help your community but don't have time in your busy day to get your employees out in the community?

Hands On Orlando will bring your project to you!

We will turnkey your project. This means that we plan it, manage it and lead it for start to finish at your location.

Teamwork Project Options

After doing this work for more than 17 years, we have managed more than 5500 different projects. Here is a short list of options.
  • Pack food or hygiene kits (Help hungry children, families, veterans or seniors.)
  • Build bikes (Make life happier, improve motor-skills and transportation options for at-risk children and teenagers.)
  • Construct garden boxes and benches (Improve homeless shelters, schools, nursing homes.)
  • Create things that enhance lives (financial literacy, promote critical thinking, STEM, etc.)
Hands On Orlando will arrive at your business with all of the tools, supplies and staffing your team will need to succeed.

Are you ready to boost your business by partnering with Hands On Orlando?

Volunteer@Work packages start for as little at $25 per person!

Call 407.740.8652 for details.