Be A Leader

Project Leaders are Hands On Orlando volunteers who lead our projects across Orlando and Central Florida. PLs come from all walks of life.


Project Leaders gain leadership, management, delegating, public speaking and risk management skills. They also leverage their time and passion to help others.

Leader Profile

Project Leaders are responsible, reliable, trustworthy, flexible, fun, creative and caring. Most PLs are adults. However, outstanding youth, age 16+ will be considered. 

Time Commitment

A Project Leader dedicates approximately 60 minutes more than a typical volunteer would during a project. Most projects last three hours.

Training and Support

Project Leader orientation takes one hour. If you and HOO think PLing is a good fit, training is comprehensive and includes project shaddowing. PLs receive ongoing training and support.

Flex Your Power

  • A volunteer can help a child learn to read. One PL leading 12 volunteers at "ABC" charity can help a dozen children learn to read!
  • One PL leading a 50 person "sorting" project would need to volunteer once a week for nearly one year to have the same impact!


Call, 407.740.8652.