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Corporate Team Building That Works

Hands On Orlando has planned, managed and led over 5500 successful corporate team building and community-based projects, since 1999.

Your project identification, planning, implementation headaches and worries are OVER! Hands On Orlando plans every detail, down to the last paintbrush.

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Date, Time & Place Options

  • In-the-community at a non-profit organization, public schools, etc.
  • In-hotel meeting space, convention center or workplace.
  • You can even pick the date and time of your project!

Teamwork Project Options and the Business Case

After doing this work for more than 17 years, this is more than philanthropy! The business case? This is an HR related function. Some companies also consider it marketing, customer, vendor and public relations. Here is a short list of options.
  • Pack food or hygiene kits (Help hungry children, families, veterans or seniors.)
  • Build bikes (Make life happier, improve motor-skills and transportation options for at-risk children and teenagers.)
  • Paint (Make places like shelters, schools, adult daycare centers and the homes of veterans or low-income seniors better.)
  • Construct garden boxes and benches (Improve homeless shelters, schools, nursing homes.)
  • Landscaping and environmental work (Enhance land used by charities and the general public.)
  • Create things that dramatically enhance lives (financial literacy, promote critical thinking, STEM, etc.)
  • Build a park or special playground (Promote play and excercise options for children and adults with disabilities.)

Project Cost is Based on Various Factors.

Hands On Orlando can work with most corporate budgets.
  • Project Supplies
  • Number of Employees Involved
  • Project Duration (hours)
  • Transportation and Food (if applicable)
  • Hands On Orlando Project Management
  • Corporate generosity

Hands On Orlando is Good for Business! Survey Results.

Q - Did you make a difference by volunteering today?  A - Yes, 98.7%
Q - Was your participation a good use of your time?  A - Yes, 99.1%
Q - Was today's project well managed?  A - Yes, 97.7%


Hands On Orlando has managed more than 200,000 corporate and community volunteers and assisted over 300 charities, since 1999. 

Some of our clients include: Raytheon, Sherwin-Williams, Salesforce, Nike, Cisco Systems, GE, Disney, Merck, Apple, The Home Depot, Verizon, Microsoft, Bayer, Bank of America, HP, Best Buy, Pfizer, JetBlue, Rockwell-Collins, Marriott, KPMG, LexisNexis, Hilton, Chrysler, National Basketball Association, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Target, Eaton, Olive Garden, GlaxoSmithKline, Baxter, Textron, Applied Biosystems, Golf Channel, Abbott, Unilever, McKesson, AT&T, Sun Trust, Novo Nordisk, CNL, Wyndham, HD Supply, HSBC, Allergan, Altria, United HealthCare, C.R. BARD, Lumenis, Walgreens, International Franchise Association and Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals.

Hands On Orlando is a 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable organization, founded in 1999.