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Hands On Orlando allows individuals, families, non-profit community groups, schools and corporations to create and manage volunteer teams. By providing this service, HOO makes it possible for one person to sign up multiple people to specific projects.

If project attendance is less than 85%, a team will be suspended. A team's reactivation fee is $250. Unfortunately, this is necessary to prevent harm to recipient charities and Hands On Orlando.

Create a Team

  1. Log-in to your free member account. Click, "Create A New Team."
  2. Complete the form. Enter the unique first names, last names and unique e-mail addresses of each person. Teams that don't list actual people with email addresses will be deleted. (If someone is age 13 or younger, enter a phone number instead of e-mail.)
  3. Click: "Create Team."

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of people you can invite to join your team. Each invited person will receive an automated email asking if they want to join your team via the email address you provide. If they respond "yes," they will be a confirmed member of your team.

Sign Up Team Members to a Project

  1. Log-in to your member account.
  2. Go to the specific project's sign-up page. Confirm that enough volunteers spaces are available.
  3. Click, "Sign up with a team" link. (Don't click the "Sign Up" button.) Your member account will open. Select the team that volunteers will be coming from.
  4. Highlight team members who you guarantee will attend and be on-time! (By defaut, the team captain is added to the project's roster.)

Waiver of Liability

  • Project captains must ensure that all volunteers arrive with completed VIP waiver forms! You can find the firm, 24/7 as a download on our About HOO page.

Questions? Call 407.740.8652.