Create Teams / Manage Teams / Project Attendance

Hands On Orlando allows families and community groups to sign up multiple people to projects at no cost. Companies should contact Hands On Orlando, at 407.740.8652 for a project proposal.

Create a Team

  1. Log-in.
  2. Click, "Create A New Team."
  3. Complete the form. Enter first and last name and unique e-mail of each member. (If under age 14, enter a phone number.)
  4. Click: "Create Team."

Sign Up Team Members to a Project

  1. Log-in.
  2. Go to the specific project.
  3. Confirm that enough volunteers spaces are available.
  4. Click, "Sign up with a team" link. Your account profile will open. Select your team.
  5. Select members who you guarantee will attend!

Waiver of Liability

Project captains must ensure that members arrive on-time with completed VIP waiver forms! The form is as a download on our About HOO page.

Team Compliance

If attendance is below 85% a team may be deleted. This limits further harm to Hands On Orlando and to charities/schools it helps.

Questions? Call 407.740.8652.