Families / Community Groups

Hands On Orlando gives families and community groups easy access to its calendar-based volunteer projects.

A group's leader starts the process by creating a free member account and a volunteer team.

Companies should contact Hands On Orlando, at 407.740.8652 for a project proposal. Here's more information about our corporate work.

Volunteer Opportunities Were Hard To Find, Before 1999

Many charities don't welcome volunteers who are under age 18 or those who won't make long-term commitments. No HOO projects exclude youth. Hands On Orlando breaks down barriers to engagement by serving volunteers.

Since 1999 HOO has managed 100% of its projects to reduce "train wreck" potential. There is a minimum age of participation for each project, based upon factors like tasks involved, complexity and safety.

Volunteers who use Hands On Orlando learn about community issues, meet like-minded people and develop their passion to help others. Projects do not involve administrative work, walks/runs, fundraising, politicals or religion.

Create Teams / Manage Teams / Project Attendance

Hands On Orlando allows families and community-based groups to sign up their members to projects via teams.

Companies should contact Hands On Orlando, at 407.740.8652 for a project proposal.

Create a Team

  1. Log-in.
  2. Click, "Create A New Team."
  3. Complete the form. Enter first and last name and unique e-mail of each person. (If under age 14, enter name and phone number.)
  4. Click: "Create Team."

Sign Up Team Members to a Project

  1. Log-in.
  2. Visit specific project page, linked from our calendar.
  3. Confirm that enough volunteers spaces are available.
  4. On the project's page, click, "Sign up with a team" link. Your account will open. Select your team.
  5. Select members who you personally guarantee will attend and be on time!

Waiver of Liability

Project captains must ensure that members arrive at project sites with completed VIP waiver forms! The form can be accessed 24/7 on our About HOO page (download).

Team Compliance

If project attendance is below 85% a team's captain must delete their team. This action limits harm to Hands On Orlando and to charities/schools it helps.

Questions? Call 407.740.8652.

Team Terms

Hands On Orlando reserves the right to terminate its Team feature at any time based upon cost and usage.