Become a Hands On Orlando Non-Profit Partner

Does your non-profit organization, public school or municipal park need important work done, but lack the money, volunteers, project development skills or event management expertise? Perhaps Hands On Orlando can help. We have planned and led thousands of projects with the goal of empowering volunteers and improving the Human Condition.

It's important for partner organizations to understand that HOO is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity and not a volunteer referral service! Hands On Orlando does not support administrative or fundraising tasks or events, projects involving political advocacy or those with a strickly philosophical or religious purpose. All project must also be open to youth at an appropriate age, based upon tasks involved. Approximately two-thirds of the volunteers we serve are adults.

Hands On Orlando's expertise involves:

  • Project identification
  • Project planning
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Project management

Hands On Orlando does not charge partners for its services, but recipient charities must obtain project supplies, if any are needed. All supplies are kept by the recipient charity after the project is over. Examples include paint, plants, mulch, etc. It's fair that charities/public schools/parks we help be vested in the success of projects that benefit them.

Hands On Orlando Impacts Partners in Powerful Ways

  • Important work gets done.
  • Agencies save time and money.
  • Project work hours may attract or aid in the retention of grant dollars.
  • Our volunteers may become your donors and long-term volunteers.

Next Step

Before we agree to partner with an organization, we conduct a site visit and meet its key employees. Potential partners should develop a "Top 10" list of needs in advance of our visit. To schedule a visit, call 407.740.8652.