Be a Super Hero!

You can help end Cancer, AIDS, Zika, Ebola and more. How? If you have a computer that is turned on and connected to the Internet, you have all it takes to become a Super Hero on the World Community Grid.

Get Started

  • Click HERE. Then click "Join Team."
  • Click the "Register" link and sign-up.
  • Download the Grid program with the click of a button.
  • Select research projects that interest you.

(The World Community Grid program has been downloaded over 3.2 million times.)

How It Works

The WCG will send your computer small packets of data to run virtual simulations. Once completed, your computer will automatically send the data packs back to the World Community Grid. Over three million participating computers from around the world form a powerful virtual super computer.  

LIke any Super Hero, nothing including the World Community Grid will slow you down. You can continue to do all your usual computer work; the program works in the background.

Make a Difference!

Hands On Orlando's 1000+ Super Heroes team volunteers have contributed over 525 years of computer run time!


You will earn virtual badges from the World Community Grid when you reach computing milestones.
Don't let your computer just sit there. Turn it on and put it to work for a great cause.
* Volunteers can receive one volunteer hour by participating in this project. Questions? Call 407.740.8652.