Non-Profit Organization Assistance

Does your non-profit organization need important work done, but lack volunteers, project development skills or event management expertise? Perhaps Hands On Orlando can help.

HOO identifies, plans, manages and leads hands-on group volunteer projects. Hands On Orlando does not charge recipient organizations money for its services.

Hands On Orlando specializes in one-and-done projects (that may occur once or hundreds of times) that leave lasting positive impacts upon volunteers, people who need help and partner charities. No two projects will engage the same volunteers. Hands On Orlando is not a volunteer referral service!

Hands On Orlando's Work / General Terms of Usage

  • Task identification
  • Project planning
  • Supplies/tools determination
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • On-site project management and leadership

Recipient organizations provide project supplies/tools and volunteer support materials if any are necessary. After all, they are the project beneficiaries.

No projects may involve administrative tasks or fundraising, like walks/runs or promote or advocate politics, philosophies or religions.

Organizations may be faith-based as long as HOO's work has a secular purpose and the organization's gain supports the general public. A food sorting project at a pantry or classroom painting project at a daycare center open to serve the entire community are examples.

All projects must be open to youth at appropriate ages, based upon the complexity of tasks involved.

Hands On Orlando's Impact

  • Important work gets done.
  • Organizations save time and money.
  • Volunteer hours may attract grant dollars.
  • Our volunteers may become your donors and long-term volunteers.

Next Step

Call and tell us about your charity, 407.740.8652.