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Effective Employee Volunteer Program Steps to Get Started

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Companies volunteerism is becoming popular nowadays as businesses are looking for ways to improve social-relations contact. These programs offer various benefits for the company which enhances the teamwork among the employees and allows them to develop skills set by just spending time and energy to support a greater cause in the community. To experience the best volunteer program, it’s important to properly plan it.

How to Start an Effective Employee Volunteer Program

1. Invest in a good company volunteer platform

As your platform succeeds over time, more employees get involved. Create a program that makes it easier to run and supply insights on the platform’s performance. It should have everything your business needs.

2. Set goals

Start with creating goals that you would like to achieve before informing your employees about the program. These include how many of them you want to engage, in and how many hours you aim for.

3.Find local volunteer opportunities

Reach out to local or online resources for volunteer opportunities that you think will make the employees interested and line up with their skills.

4. Create more charitable opportunities

Encourage your employees to engage in charitable programs by offering donations and helping support a nonprofit organization. These involve adding a gift or volunteer program.

5. Provide opportunities to employees

Be specific with the descriptions of every volunteer program so that they may have an idea of what they will be working on. It can be done during a company meeting, social media announcements, and email.

6. Track the program and assess progress

Monitoring the platform’s performance will help you assess the engagement levels, efficiency, and if the goals are met. Keep the information on volunteer attendance to get a better understanding of the program. This is also the best way to recognize any problems and develop a strong strategy to overcome them.

7. Appreciate volunteers for their hard work

Thank volunteers for their dedication and hard work engaging in this program. They will be more likely to stay connected with the platform when they feel they were appreciated. There are various ways to thank them like starting a thank you event, giveaways, social media shoutouts or even writing personalized letters.


Creating an effective employee volunteer program is important to ensure it will be a success. You can acquire helpful feedback from employees from time to time to see how they feel about the platform. If you are looking for more information on how to engage with volunteers more effectively, contact us today.

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