People contact us regularly who can't find volunteer opportunities. This is because many charities don't seek people who are unable to make long-term commitments. They are concerned about the time to train and manage volunteers, work quality, quantity, liability and longevity.

Hands On Orlando removes all hurdles to engagement because we manage each project for volunteers and third-party non-profit organizations.

Hands On Orlando's Services

  • Sign up and attend projects
  • Project management and not volunteer referral
  • Email reminders to attend your projects.
  • Join waiting lists or remove yourself from projects.
  • Create and manage your own teams.

Age of Participation

Most volunteers we serve are adults, but almost one-third are youth. You can be as young as four (4) years old to volunteer during select projects. Minimum ages of participation are set by organizations we help. All HOO projects welcome youth!

Hours Verification

You can download our Volunteer Timesheet, if you don't have one, located at our About Us page and present it to our Project Leader for their signature, at the conclusion of each project.

If you need a letter proving that you volunteered, ask the charity you helped. It was the beneficiary of 100% of your time. HOO does not write verification letters due to the cost involved.

Help Keep A Good Thing Going

It is important for you to know that when you volunteer, Hands On Orlando helps you! Your monetary donations keep Hands On Orlando going.
HOO spends the time and money necessary to give you access to free-to-join volunteer projects that benefit third-party organizations.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Hands On Orlando is 100% funded by contributions from volunteers, companies and groups.